Helping Palo Alto Drivers with Complete European Auto Service & Repairs

Residents get the best of both worlds when it comes to living in Palo Alto: scenic views and nearby hiking/walking/cycling trails as well as beautiful homes, neighborhoods and dozens of company headquarters. While the neighborhoods offer peace and quiet, the downtown area is constantly subjected to tons of stop and go traffic. With over 100,000 jobs created by the various business HQs, whether you’re heading to work or simply running daily errands, chances are you’re going to experience traffic any time of day. Because of these conditions, drivers in the area often rely on European cars for the added comfort and reliability that these cars are known for. At Bavarium Autoworks we make maintaining your European car easier. Whether it’s routine maintenance for wear and tear caused by stop and go traffic or larger annual maintenance, we help drivers all throughout Palo Alto get the most out of their vehicles.